When women start an SPA body massage called prenatal massage during a first or second or third trimester pregnancy. In general , women may get a massage during pregnancy, it also offers more benefits at the period of pregnancy, such as soothing, good sleeping. It is also most important to choose the best SPA in chennai , ask your friends and go with it for the good massage centre in chennai.

1.In the strategies of an SPA massage, massage therapist has to be highly experienced and trained. It is advisable not to take a massage during the first trimester, as the possibility of miscarriage can be established.

  1. When you have  a massage at the time of pregnancy, it is recommended to use coconut or safflower or olive or mustard or grape seed for the massage to give a gentle and soft rub.
  2. Few would feel allergic to unique spa oils, it is recommended to have an oil test on your skin
  3. Stop using these oils including peppermint, rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage as they contribute to uterine contractions
  4. Avoid placing pressure on those sections, such as wrists and ankles, which activates the uterus and may lead to a few problems.
  5. The most relaxed is the side-lying position in the second and third trimester for the spa massage. For the pregnant woman, also stop the hole cut table that can lead to uterine ligaments stretching.
  6. Avoid  the massage if there is pain or if it feels sick
  7. When massaging, guide the massage therapist about the pain, recommend a gentle massage and rub to relax.
  8. If you have vomiting spells, diabetes or high pressure kindly consult with your doctor before getting a prenatal massage
  9. During pregnancy, Swedish massage is recommended because the massage is gentle and focuses on muscle relaxation and increases the circulation of the blood.
  10. You may also ask your partner to massage your arms , legs and shoulders smoothly.
  11. Before taking a bath, a self-massage with a slow breath helps to get a healthy connexion with your baby for a few minutes.
  12. Notice varicose vein and blood clots signs.
  13. In general, a prenatal massage lasts for an hour, so you can opt for a short massage according to your comfort.
  14. If you have a high risk of pregnancy, prenatal massage should be prevented
  15. If you suffer from skin trauma, eczema and infection, please avoid massage.

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