As 2021 comes to a close, it’s been an impressive year for people to migrate to Canada. Things are not any slower. The government has increased the immigration targets by over 1.2 million. They are ready to welcome the newcomers in the next few years. Visa services in Chennai make the immigration process easier with the help of leading consultants.

Let’s lookout for what’s in store for the candidates this year.

Plan for the high immigration targets:

The Canadian immigration minister welcomed 4 lakh new permanent residents in 2021. It is the new multi-year plan of the country. As the immigration process reduced in 2020 due to the pandemic, the federal government made plans to increase the number of immigrants.

Express entry issuing more number of ITA:

There were many travel restrictions in the previous year. There has been an increased number of invitations to apply for Canadian residence this year. We expect that many foreign nationals will be able to migrate through the express entry system. The immigration consultants in Bangalore have an efficient team that provides the most reliable and success-driven immigration consultancy. It is a team with updated knowledge and practice on the immigration procedure.

Express entry is the smartest way to move to Canada. It manages the PR applications for immigration programs. There are three economic class immigration programs. They are:

  1. A federal skilled worker program
  2. Federal skilled trade program
  3. Canadian experience class

People have to score equal marks or above the cut-off marks. After that, they will be sent an invitation to apply. Although job offers are not compulsory. Then within 90 days, one has to apply for permanent residence.

Provincial nominee program:

This program is for the people who would like to apply for a particular province. They must have all the required skills to contribute to the economy of that particular province. Provinces have their immigration programs. People can apply through a paper-based process or an online express entry program. With the help of a paper-based process, people have to apply under non-express entry criteria. After nomination, he can submit a paper application for permanent residence through refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Under express entry, one can directly contact the province and apply for nomination. Once nominated by the province, create an express entry profile and show that you are nominated. In both cases, one must fulfill the eligibility criteria of the province. Then he has to submit the express entry profile. If invited, one can apply to IRCC.

The other programs that help in the immigration process are family sponsorship, study permit, and startup visa program. The best immigration consultants in Bangalore assists Bangaloreans to migrate overseas and even study according to their interest. Hence using all these programs, one can fast track the migration process to Canada.

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