Cloud computing is the new entrant in the field of IT services and one of the products that help in creating infrastructure to set up a cloud is OpenStack in cloud computing. This open-source software is free to use and helps in creating the cloud-computing interface. Openstack Online Training gives appropriate guidance to create cloud infra with OpenStack solutions. In this post, we discussed the Salient Features Of Openstack.

A note about OpenStack

Openstack is a cloud computing platform and it is open-source. generally, it’s deployed in private clouds and public clouds of Iaas. Openstack platform used to integrate the irrelevant components such as multiple merchant processing tools of hardware, control diversity, networking resources. most of the companies and individual users use OpenStack for web-related dashboard services, command-line tools, etc.,

The architectural feature of OpenStack is that it enables flexibility in terms of designing the cloud without the need for any proprietary software or hardware requirements. It also helps in integrating the existing system as well as third-party technologies too. It is designed to administer and mechanize pools of computing resources.

Salient features of OpenStack

  • Enables management and restriction of a wide network of computer networks
  • Present an infrastructure as a service (Iaas) to generate own services as well as policies
  • Support processing of big data with tools like Hadoop
  • Offer a space to encompass the stipulated needs of web resources or applications
  • Aids in processing intensive and diverse workload
  • Easy adjustment to storing as well as changing data needs at a low cost due to scale out-storage feature
  • Provides a way to expose blocked devices as well as facilitates the way for additional storage
  • One can get a flexible approach in managing wide and diverse networks as well as IP addresses, leading to faster adaptability to the system

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Role of IT Companies in offering OpenStack Solution

The IT organizations assist in Creating, developing, and using private cloud on OpenStack. The team of software engineers helps in configuring to installing the open-source system based on the client’s need. Additionally, the companies also provide migrating services to the existing application to the designed OpenStack in cloud computing. It also involved moving the entire company to the cloud space. The service engineers will also perform the task of tuning up and scaling the OpenStack system of infrastructure. Know more about the OpenStack system of infrastructure through the Openstack Online Course.

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