There are so many specializations in MBA and each specialization is designed to target the special areas of the modern business world. To get admissions in B-schools it is inevitable to get the CAT certification. The Common Admission Test syllabus as of 2018 is the Quantitative Aptitude, data interpretation and logical reasoning, verbal ability, and reading comprehension. Let me discuss in detail about the scope of doing different MBA programs. Students join the MBA program either to develop the personality or the try for the global jobs. Let me discuss in detail the different industries in which the MBA professionals work.

Different MBA programs

Finance, Marketing, Human Resource management, international business, operations management, information technology, supply chain management, rural management, agriculture business management, and healthcare management are some of the specializations in MBA.


The Indian banking industry is very big with 27 public sector banks, 21 private sector banks, 21 private sector banks, 49 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks and 1562 urban cooperative banks and rural cooperative banks. Job roles after learning the MBA-finance are asset management, corporate banking, derivatives market, corporate finance, portfolio management, hedge fund, the stock market, bond market, taxation, treasury, valuation, and the credit analysis. Finance graduates are placed in other efficient departments like research, analytics, marketing, operations, and project management.


Unlike finance course skills are given more importance in the marketing field. Some of the parameters to become a successful marketing professional are enhancing the skills like excellent communication skills, strategic thinking, planning abilities, convince persons, problem-solving, and analytical skills, perform market research and analysis. Marketing is the widespread subject in many industries and the different roles like the marketing manager, digital marketing specialist, product manager, media planner, sales manager, brand manager, corporate sales manager, market research analyst, and marketing manager are open to the marketing professionals.


The most valuable asset of the big corporate companies is the “employees”. The human resource candidates take care of recruitment, talent management, retention management, and reward management. These candidates can work in the industries, corporates, colleges, schools, and MNC’s.

International business

International marketing manager, financial controller, multinational manager, business development director, international trade, customs manager, and international foreign policy advisor are some of the jobs open for the students of the international marketing.

Information technology

The professionals from system analysis and design, database management system, software engineering, security, and control information system, web designing, multimedia designing, data mining, networking management and data warehousing are some of the fields where the MBA information technology are placed.

Other specializations

The other specializations like the Supply chain management are for the inventory management, warehousing, and transportation. Candidates with rural management degree can work in the government of India’s rural development projects, association with the non-government organization, research institutes and there are huge opportunities in the social research agencies. Agribusiness management students understand the finance, marketing, and management of the agricultural sector. MBA in healthcare management take care of the hospital management and wide range of opportunities exist in the health insurance organizations, medical tourism companies, diagnostic laboratory chains, primary health care chains, social enterprises in health, healthcare IT, and market research organizations.

How to choose the MBA programs

Before choosing the program take in to account some important factors like Management school ranking, duration of the program, personal knowledge, personal interests and the nature of the job in which the education takes you. Among the wide range of professional courses and research programs, MBA is designed with the exact match for the administration or management of the different businesses.

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