Current affairs is the integral part of the UPSC exam preparation. It is not only included in the prelims but also in the mains and the interview part. Descriptive questions are also often asked in the examination. Aspirants who answer the description part usually score higher than the others. Many institutes provide IAS current affairs materials in two languages, English and Hindi. Current affairs is the important part of the UPSC examination. It needs a holistic and optimized preparation for all parts of IAS exam. They also give the value added materials on a regular basis.

How to make notes:

Brain exercise will help us to retain what we have studied so far. Debating and discussing also helps to remember in the long span. Practice in smaller learning goals as this will divide the vast information into smaller chunks. It will become easier for the IAS aspirants to remember all the smaller portions. One has to retain the things which have been read for current affairs which is a big task in itself.

Sources of current affairs:


The Hindu newspaper is the must for the preparation of IAS exam. Just seek for the news that are related to current issues and also news on the national and international importance.


Along with the newspaper, monthly magazines would also help in the preparation. One can follow the news with respect to science, environment, and business which are essential for the UPSC exam. UPSC previous years question papers are the must for the IAS exam preparation. The UPSC papers usually have a repetitive type of questions. For the past ten years, some subjects like history, economics and Indian polity have had repetitive questions.


With the use of the internet one can get the in-depth information of any news related to the exam.

Making brief notes:

Jot down all the important points which you have studied from any source. Compress your knowledge in the form of mini versions of mind maps. Acronyms will help the aspirants to keep things in memory. All the information is stored in the form of a sequence which helps them to remember correctly.

Current affairs for UPSC is like a vast ocean in which one has to sail through. While covering current affairs, one can significantly cover the portions of economy and Indian polity. This is considered to be the benefit of covering current affairs in the first place. Thus it optimizes and saves your time in the journey of preparation.

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