When a child is born, people prefer to make a cradle that is tied using a silk saree. Few others place a piece of silk cloth beneath the baby on the cradle. It is a practice followed by people in ancient times. Especially it is preferred during the weddings as well. Kanchipuram pure silk sarees emerge from age-old traditions, and it is a must-have for all south Indian weddings.

The bond between mother and daughter:

Girl children have a wish to tie a saree at an early age. What age do you think? Maybe 3 or even at 5. Every girl child’s first saree would be her mother’s shawl. She would wrap around her and think that she look cool in it. Her idea was to look like her mother. Such a strong bonding tends to develop between a daughter and a mother. Stories and memories are remembered along with that bonding and it tends to grow as she grows. They eyed their mother’s closet from the first saree which they await to wear on their school farewell. We even feel nostalgia about that first incident even now. We all have our feelings and emotions tied to every saree. The bridal silk sarees have something in them for every single bride. It defines your personality and reflects who you are. One can choose from a variety of colors and look stunning for its versatile drape.

Look and feel at the 21st century:

Being in this 21st century where fashion has outgrown, people decide their status based on the brand they wear. But according to the old culture and tradition, the social status is calculated based on the richness of the fabric they wear. And not everyone could afford a silk saree but people with high status wear it. There are various fabrics and different ranges of sarees are made which are always special to us. The saree needs to be preserved even if it’s worn out. Do you know why? The sacred behind is that a good quality saree will never look worn out. A saree will never go out of style because the designs and patterns are always in trend. The new ones are fancied and old sarees are treasured. Borderless Kanjivaram saree are classic as they look best for their grace and beauty. They are done by interlocking the two different textures of yarn in the body and border.

How do we preserve such treasuries:

Let us see a simple way to preserve a saree

  1. Try to change the folding of your saree every month or two which doesn’t allow it to form creases on it.
  2. Protect the saree from insects and bugs by using an insect repellant powder to the saree.
  3. The heavy zari work saree is covered with a cloth and preserved so that the color doesn’t fade away.
  4. Wash the saree with cold water once to remove the excess starch on the saree.
  5. Use only a steam iron to iron the silk sarees so that the fabric is not weakened.

These sarees passed from one generation to another. It is preserved in such a way as it carries the love and emotions along with them.

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